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Photograph, James B. Abbott
Authors: Downing, George
James B. Abbott was involved in various free state activities and in some of the territorial conflicts. He acquired the so-called "abbott howitzer" in Kansas City and participated in the rescues of both John Doy and Jacob Branson. He was involved in the Battle of Black Jack and was acquainted with John Brown. He lived in Desoto.

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Branson rescue (1855); Cabinet photographs; Doy rescue and trial, 1859; Free state activities; Free state supporters; Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Joseph Gardner
Authors: No authors specified.
Joseph Gardner was a free state supporter and a member of the group that rescued Dr. John Doy in September, 1859. Dr. Doy had been convicted in Missouri of abducting slaves but he was freed from his cell in a St. Joseph, Missouri, jail by Gardner and others.

Keywords: Doy rescue and trial, 1859; Free state supporters; Gardner, Joseph; Photographs and Illustrations

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