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Legal document, sale of land to William Patton
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: September 6, 1856
This Indenture documented the sale of several lots in Iowa Point, Kansas Territory, to William Patton. The land was purchased from the founders of Iowa Point, Kansas Territory, John and Harvey Forman, and John Pemberton, who had bought the land through the U.S. Government after it was opened to white settlers. Iowa Point was settle on former Iowa Indian lands.

Keywords: Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Forman, Harvey W.; Forman, John W.; Iowa Point, Kansas Territory; Land acquisition; Land sales; Patton, William; Pemberton, John

Receipt, William Patton's purchase of a slave
Authors: Thornton, C.A.
Date: September 29, 1856
This handwritten receipt documents William Patton's purchase of a young slave girl, for which he paid $650.

Keywords: Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Iowa Point, Kansas Territory; Patton, William; Prices; Slaveholders; Slavery; Slaves in Kansas Territory

Certificate, Buffalo City, Kansas Territory, One Town Share
Authors: Buffalo City Town Association
Date: February 21, 1857
This printed form was made out to Charles Blakely, illustrated and completed by hand. Several towns were named Buffalo or Buffalo City during and after the territorial period. This particular Buffalo City was planned in Doniphan County near Eagle Springs. On February 11, 1857, John W. Geary, Kansas territorial governor, approved an act incorporating the "Buffalo Town Association of Kansas Territory" into Davis County. Neither town has survived.

Keywords: Blakely, Charles; Buffalo City Town Association; Buffalo City, Kansas Territory; Chadduck, G.B.; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Frazer, B.B.; Land acquisition; Town development; Town settlement; Town shares

Certificate, receipt for purchase of Iowa Trust Lands
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: June 8, 1857
When the Territory was opened in 1854, the Iowa Indians inhabited most of northern Doniphan County. Shortly after the passage of the Kansas- Nebraska bill a treaty was made between the U.S. Government and the Indians, by which the Indians sold a most of their lands and accepted the diminished reserve which they still occupy. The land that was then released to the Government was known as the "Iowa Trust lands," and was, with the exception of 480 acres, sold to the highest bidder (adapted from William G. Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas").

Keywords: Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Indian lands; Iowa Indians; Iowa Point, Kansas Territory; Land acquisition; Settlement

Letter, Ed Russell to Dr. [Franklin] Crane
Authors: Russell, Ed
Date: July 2, 1857
The letter was a follow up to Crane's presentation in St. Joseph, Missouri, about efforts to build the St. Joseph and Topeka Railroad. Crane had made a commitment to raise money for building the railroad and Russell was inquiring about his progress. Russell lived in Elwood, Doniphan County, and was lobbying for the railroad to go through that community.

Keywords: Crane, Franklin Loomis; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Elwood, Kansas Territory; Railroads design and construction; Russell, Edward; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; St. Joseph and Topeka Railroad; St. Joseph, Missouri; Topeka, Kansas Territory

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