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Letter, J. J. I. [John James Ingalls] to Dear Father [Elias T. Ingalls]
Authors: Ingalls, John James
Date: January 2, 1859
From Lawrence, K.T., where he went to lobby the territorial legislature on behalf of Sumner's city charter and a "Pikes Peak Express Company," John J. Ingalls wrote to tell his father about the journey that took him through Leavenworth. He made some interesting observations about the condition of the roads and the general discomfort involved in overland travel ("The coaches are constructed with special reference to safety in passing over corduroy roads, through sloughs and ravines, having no regard whatever to the comfort of the passengers."), as well as nice descriptions of both cities, Leavenworth and Lawrence.

Keywords: Delaware Indian lands, Kansas Territory; Delaware Indians; Eldridge House; Ferries; Ingalls, John James, 1833-1900; Kansas Legislature; Kansas River, Kansas Territory; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Pikes Peak gold rush; Roads; Stagecoaches; Sumner, Kansas Territory; Territorial government; Transportation; Wakarusa River

Letter, John G. Pratt to Dr. C. Robinson
Authors: Pratt, J. G. J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900
Date: January 9, 1859
John G. Pratt, a Baptist missionary to the Delaware Indians, wrote to Charles Robinson from Delaware, Kansas Territory, describing the politics of the negotiations taking place with the Delaware Indian land purchase. "Old Sar-koxy," a Delaware leader, had indicated that Robinson was attending to his business, which angered younger Delaware delegates Isaac and Charles Johnnycake. Pratt indicated his confidence that the sale would take place regardless of who led the negotiations for the Delaware.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Delaware Indian lands, Kansas Territory; Indian treaties; Native Americans; Pratt, J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894

Educational globe from Delaware Baptist Mission
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1837-1867
Globe made by the Halbrook School Apparatus Company and used in he Delaware Baptist Mission in Wyandotte County, near Edwardsville, Kansas. The Delaware Indians came to Kansas in the mid-1830s, followed by the missionaries who came to educate and convert them to Christianity. The mission was founded by Ira D. Blanchard in 1837 and later run by John G. Pratt.

Keywords: Baptists; Delaware Indian lands, Kansas Territory; Delaware Indians; Halbrook School Apparatus Company; Missionaries; Objects; Pratt, J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Schools; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

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