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Certificate of Commission, Kansas Militia
Authors: Topliff, Charles
Date: June 14, 1856
This is a printed certificate filled in by hand by Charles W. Topliff, Maj. General of the Kansas Militia, commissioning Samuel Wemple to 2nd Lieutenant of 7th Company G. As such, Wemple must "defend the rights and liberties" of the people of Kansas "from threatened destruction by foreign invaders, and internal foes."

Keywords: Clark, Eduard; Military; Militia; Topliff, Charles W.; Wemple, Samuel

Certificate of election, James Abbott to position of Captain in Kansas Militia
Authors: Topliff, Charles
Date: June 28, 1856
Charles W. Topliff, Major General Commanding the Kansas Militia, issued this certificate, which recognized James Abbott's commission to serve as Captain of the 2nd Company B of the Kansas Militia from the present date until January 1, 1857

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Clark, Eduard; Free state cause; Free state militia; Topliff, Charles W.


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