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Register of Voters. . . Quindaro, Wyandott County
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: [August] 1859
George Bodenburgh, clerk, apparently compiled this voter list--"Registry of Voters of the township of Quindaro, Wyandott County, K.T. for the year A.D. 1859"--in the summer of 1859, as he noted at the bottom that he would be at Charles Chadwick's office to receive and record additional registrants on August 18 and 19, 1859. The register contained more than 250 names, with residence (all Quindaro) and occupation (farmers, merchants, laborers, lawyers, etc.).

Keywords: Bodenburgh, George; Chadwick, Charles; Elections; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Skilled workers; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Letter, unsigned [Charles Chadwick] to Hiram Hill
Authors: Chadwick, Charles
Date: December 14, 1859
Charles Chadwick wrote from Quindaro, Kansas Territory to Hiram Hill in Massachusetts. Chadwick reported that the Republicans (anti-slavery supporters) had been successful in recent elections. However, the economy was worse than the year before, according to Chadwick, money was scarce, and the city of Quindaro had not started collecting property taxes because the amounts would exceed the value of the property. A newspaper "The Kansas Tribune" had begun to circulate after a period in which there had been no newspaper, and the Parkville and Grand River Railroad was slated to be constructed through the town.

Keywords: Chadwick, Charles; Economic conditions; Elections; Hill, Hiram; Newspapers - Free State; Quindaro, Kansas Territory; Railroad companies; Railroad land grants; Rent; Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ); Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Taxation; Telegraph; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory

Photograph, Charles Chadwick
Authors: No authors specified.

Keywords: Cabinet photographs; Chadwick, Charles; Photographs and Illustrations; Quindaro, Kansas Territory

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