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Statement on the Central Committee
Authors: Undersigned Citizens of Kansas Territory, John Stroup (first signature)
Date: January 8, 1856
This document, signed by Kansas citizens from the Lawrence area, deplores the condition of the Central Committee's room and office. These citizens claim that they were mistreated and that the relief effort should be placed in more benevolent hands. They ask that the National Kansas Committee "remove the present incumbents and apoint persons Who have Some feeling for poor Suffering humanity." It concludes with a list of signatures.

Keywords: Central Relief Committee; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; National Kansas Committee; Relief

Testimony of S. P. Hand
Authors: Hyatt, Thaddeus
Date: December 2, 1856
This testimony, a part of the Journal of Investigations in Kansas, was apparently collected by the president of the National Kansas Committee, Thaddeus Hyatt. It relates the tale of S. P. Hand, a soldier in the free state militia who took part in the battle of Fort Titus and was captured at the battle of Hickory Point. His account provides a great deal of information regarding troop movements and the workings of the free state militia.

Keywords: Battles; Border disputes and warfare; Central Relief Committee; Eldridge, Shalor Winchell, 1816-1899; Fort Saunders, Kansas Territory (see also Camp Saunders); Fort Titus, Battle of; Free state militia; Hand, S. P.; Harvey, James A.; Hickory Point, Battle of; Hoyt, David Starr; Hyatt, Thaddeus; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Prisoners; Shombre, Henry J.; Skirmishing; Titus, Henry Theodore

Article, "The Drouth and Famine in Kansas"
Authors: New York Daily Tribune
Date: October 10, 1860
This newspaper article, published in the New York Daily Tribune from October 10, 1860, outlined the basic details of the suffering and destitution of settlers in Kansas. It also included reprints of two circulars originating from Kansas Territory. One was from the Presbytery of Highland, and the other was from the Central Relief Committee based in Leavenworth. The first reprinted circular provided information about the dire situation and gave the names of the members of this committee. The second circular requested that the elders and deacons of each church in Kansas ascertain how many families needed immediate assistance in order to present a full report to the Central Relief Committee.

Keywords: Arny, W. F. M. (William Frederick Milton), 1813-1881; Central Relief Committee; Churches; Clothing and dress; Crops; Doniphan County, Kansas Territory; Droughts; Economic conditions; Famines; Food; Grain; Highland, Kansas Territory; Hyatt, Thaddeus; Leavenworth, Kansas Territory; Presbyterian Church; Reaser, Rev. J. G.; Relief; Relief funds; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory


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