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Letter, S. [Samuel] Cabot Jr. to J. [James] B. Abbott Esq
Authors: Cabot, Samuel
Date: August 25, 1857
Samuel Cabot, a member of the New England Aid Society Executive Committee, wrote to James Abbott about his upcoming trip to St. Louis, in which Abbott would claim some stolen rifles on the behalf of Cabot. Cabot included another letter to St. Louis attorneys Knox and Kellogg, which named Abbott as his official agent in the matter. Cabot recounted that "Highwaymen" of Lexington, Missouri, had stolen the rifles the previous spring.

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Border disputes and warfare; Cabot, Samuel; Guns; St. Louis, Missouri

Letter, Knox & Kellogg to Jas. B. Abbott
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: November 16, 1857
Attorneys Knox & Kellogg wrote from St. Louis to James Abbott in Lawrence, Kansas Territory, responding to a lawsuit brought against them by Samuel Cabot. Cabot held them responsible for the long delay in returning several rifles that had been stolen from him the previous spring by Missouri "Highwaymen." Knox and Kellogg reported to Abbott, acting as agent for Cabot, that the lawsuit had been dismissed and the damage to the rifles was to be appraised by a third party.

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Cabot, Samuel; Guns; Knox & Kellogg, Attorneys; Lawsuits; St. Louis, Missouri

Letter, Knox & Kellogg, Attys to Jas. B. Abbott, Esq.
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: July 17, 1858
St. Louis attorneys Knox & Kellogg responded to an inquiry from James Abbott, informing him that they had been in communication with M. F. Conway, by request of Samuel Cabot, and had told him that, once received, they would hold the rifles subject to Cabot's order. The attorneys stated they had done all they could since they had not heard word further from Cabot nor could they predict when they themselves would receive the rifle shipment. Cabot had made several attempts to recover rifles that were stolen from him by Missouri "Highwaymen" in the spring of 1857.

Keywords: Abbott, James Burnett; Cabot, Samuel; Conway, Martin Franklin; Guns; Knox & Kellogg, Attorneys; Lawsuits; St. Louis, Missouri

Report, New England Emigrant Aid Company Texan Committee
Authors: Cabot, Samuel ; New England Emigrant Aid Company Texan Committee
Date: March 8, 1860
S[amuel] Cabot submitted a report of the Texan Committee to the New England Emigrant Aid Company Executive Committee. The committee recommended that the Company take action to settle portions of Texas northwest of San Antonio with antislavery advocates as part of the effort to halt the westward advance of slavery. Cabot expressed the committee's view that the only peaceful solution to the slavery issue required demonstrating to slaveholders the superiority of free labor over slave labor; the committee believed West Texas a logical place for this demonstration to occur.

Keywords: Antislavery movements; Antislavery perspective; Cabot, Samuel; Emigrant aid companies; New England Emigrant Aid Company; New England Emigrant Aid Company Texan Committee; Settlement; Texas

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