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Photograph, William H. Seward
Authors: No authors specified.
William H. Seward represented New York in the U. S. Senate during the territorial era. He was a strong anti-slavery advocate and opposed the Kansas Nebraska bill. He visited Kansas Territory in 1860.

Keywords: Antislavery; Cabinet photographs; New York; Photographs and Illustrations; Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872; United States. Congress. Senate

Photograph, Wilson Shannon
Authors: Martin, H. T.
Wilson Shannon was commissioned to serve as governor of Kansas Territory on August 10, 1855. He was sworn in on September 7, 1855 and served until June 24, 1856. He took a second oath of office on June 13, 1856 and served from July 7 until August 18, 1856. He was generally viewed as a proslavery partisan, but he took the initiative to end the Wakarusa War when he first became territorial governor.

Keywords: Cabinet photographs; Kansas Territory. Governor; Martin, H. T.; Photographs and Illustrations; Shannon, Wilson, 1802-1877; Wakarusa War, November-December 1855

Photograph, George Luther Stearns
Authors: Pach Brothers
George Luther Stearns lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and was a supporter of the free state cause. He was a member of the National Kansas Committee and president of the Massachusetts State Kansas Committee. He donated money to the cause and helped raise funds and arms, and he lent his support to John Brown for the raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia.

Keywords: Cabinet photographs; Free state cause; Massachusetts; Massachusetts State Kansas Committee; National Kansas Committee; Pach Brothers; Photographs and Illustrations; Stearns, Geo. L. (George Luther), 1809-1867

Photograph, Thomas H. Webb
Authors: J. W. Black & Co.
Thomas H. Webb, Boston, Massachusetts, was secretary of the New England Emigrant Aid Company. His name appears in publications of the Company and he is a frequent correspondent with people in Kansas Territory connected to the company.

Keywords: Boston, Massachusetts; Cabinet photographs; Emigrant aid companies; Free state cause; Massachusetts; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Photographs and Illustrations; Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866

Photograph, John Gill Pratt
Authors: Henry, E. E.
John Gill Pratt was a Baptist missionary to the Delaware Indians and served as superintendent of the Delaware Baptist Mission. He had some training as a doctor and worked as a printer at the Shawnee Manual Labor School. He was involved in some of the treaty negotiations during the territorial period.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Baptists; Cabinet photographs; Delaware Indians; Henry, E. E.; Missionaries; Native Americans; Photographs and Illustrations; Pratt, J. G. (John Gill), 1814-1900; Shawnee Manual Labor School; Treaties

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