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Circular, Informational Letter regarding Emigration to Kansas
Authors: Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909
Date: 1855
Edward Hale was the author of this printed letter describing the services provided by the [New England] Emigrant Aid Company and the conditions of settlement in Kansas Territory. Hale included information regarding cost of travel and settlement, conditions of land acquisition, job opportunities, and relations with local Indians. He also addressed the slavery question, and already mentioned occurrences of election fraud on the part of proslavery supporters, but concluded that, in his own opinion "there is no danger whatever for Kanzas".

Keywords: Business enterprises; Emigrant aid companies; Emigration and immigration; Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Libraries; Native Americans; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Pomeroy, S. C. (Samuel Clarke), 1816-1891; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Settlement; Slavery; Thayer, Eli, 1819-1899; Travel; Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866; Williams, John M. S.

Photograph, Lawrence, Kansas Territory, 1856
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: 1856
View of Massachusetts Street from Fort to Ave, Lawrence, Kansas Territory, March, 1856.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Cities and towns; Commerce; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Lawrence buildings; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Photographs and Illustrations; Streets

Journal of Franklin Loomis Crane
Authors: Crane, Franklin L.
Date: January 16, 1856 - March 29, 1857
This journal, compiled by Franklin Loomis Crane, details the workings of the Topeka Association during 1856 and 1857. The trustees of the association appointed him chairman and businessman of the association. Some entries are mainly composed of the minutes from town association meetings, while others are listings of those settlers who applied for town lots. Crane also writes of his daily work for the association, including tidbits about the weather, etc.

Keywords: Account books; Business enterprises; Crane, Franklin Loomis; Dickey, Milton C.; Farnsworth, Loring; Streets; Topeka Association; Topeka, Kansas; Town associations; Town lots; Town promotion

Letter, N. P. Selee to Dear Bro [Isaac Goodnow]
Authors: Selee, N.P.
Date: January 19, 1856
N. P. Selee, presumably an acquaintance of Isaac Goodnow, and a fellow New Englander, wrote to Goodnow from the East Coast, describing to Goodnow his desire to settle in Kansas. Selee asked Goodnow to respond to what may have been typical emigrant concerns about the trip, which from Selee, included questions about Kansas' future as a free state, the business prospects for raising cattle, and whether or not he ought to "look for a wife" before coming to Kansas, or if he would be likely to find quality companionship in the Territory.

Keywords: Business enterprises; Emigration and immigration; Goodnow, Isaac T., 1814-1894; Selee, N.P.; Travel; Women

Letter, Marc [Parrott] to Dear Edd [Edwin Parrott]
Authors: Parrott, Marcus J., 1828-1879
Date: April 30, 1856
Marcus Parrott wrote from Leavenworth, Kansas Territory, to his brother, Edwin Parrott of Dayton, Ohio, regarding his current economic situation. Marcus was quitting his private law practice for lack of demand, and remarked that there was "little chance of fair play in the courts" anyway. He intended to invest in real estate, and asked his brother and father for any money they might spare. Marcus also referred to a mass migration of men from Alabama, lead by Major Buford, who had come to settle in K.T. in support of slavery.

Keywords: Buford, Jefferson; Business enterprises; Economic conditions; Neosho, Kansas Territory; Parrott, Edwin A.; Parrott, Marcus J., 1828-1879; Real estate investment; Town development

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