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Election Returns and Ballots, Fort Scott Precinct, Bourbon County, Special Election, December 21, 1857 on the Lecompton Constitution with or without slavery
Authors: Greenwood, Daniel ; Hamilton, George P.; Head, Joseph W.
Date: December 21, 1857
Election returns and actual elections ballots cast in Fort Scott Precinct, Bourbon County, Kansas Territory during the December 21, 1857, election on ratification of the Lecompton Constitution "with slavery" or the constitution "without slavery." Because a vote "for the constitution without slavery" meant Kansans could keep the slaves they already owned, free staters refused to participate. In this election, the "constitution with slavery" won 6,226 to 569. Results in Fort Scott were 318 to 19 in favor the the "constitution with slavery." Note that the largest ballot (No. 1) was signed by J. C. Head, whose name also is listed first on the election returns for Fort Scott.

Keywords: Ballot; Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Election, Lecompton Constitution ratification, December 1857; Elections; Fort Scott, Kansas Territory; Greenwood, Daniel; Hamilton, George P.; Head, J. C.; Head, Joseph W.; Lecompton Constitution

Residents on Lost Creek, a tributary of the Little Osage
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: c. 1857
This document lists the names and origins of the proslavery and free state settlers that lived along Lost Creek, on the north edge of Bourbon County. The first page details information about specific families in the area and states that Thaddeus Hyatt, president of the National Kansas Committee, made arrangements to aid those settlers who are listed as being "in distress."

Keywords: Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Emigration and immigration; Free state settlers; Hyatt, Thaddeus; Little Osage River, Kansas Territory; Lost Creek, Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Proslavery settlers

Residents on the Little Osage
Authors: No authors specified.
Date: c. 1857
This brief report describes the settlers along the Little Osage River, stating that it is occupied mostly by proslavery settlers; there are only three or four free state residents. The report mentions Enoch Osbourne (presumably a free state settler) who was driven from his land, and also notes that there is a need for free state men on this creek.

Keywords: Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Free state settlers; Little Osage River, Kansas Territory; Proslavery settlers

Letter, J. G. Anderson to "Dear Brother"
Authors: Anderson, J. G.
Date: February 17, 1858
From "Camp near Luella K.T." on February 17, 1858, J. G. Anderson wrote to his brother regarding the "considerable excitement" that had recently resulted after a free state man was robbed in Fort Scott. Two companies of "Kansas Militia" were called out to arrest the thieves, "our company under Capt. [O.P.] Bayne and the Sugar Creek company under Capt. [James] Montgomery. When they arrived at "the Fort" on the 11th "the bloody villains" had already fled to Missouri. The letter is a "typical" mix of news about the Kansas troubles, work on the claim, and pleasantries about the folks back home. [Before the end of the year, Anderson would sign on with John Brown and follow him to Harpers Ferry.]

Keywords: Anderson, Jeremiah G.; Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Border ruffians; Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Fort Scott, Kansas Territory; Land claims; Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Militia; Montgomery, James, 1814-1871; Sharps rifles; Weapons (see also Guns)

Letter, John Vansickle and John Peters to Dear Sir
Authors: Vansickle, John H.
Date: March 3, 1858
John Vansickle and John Peters wrote from Bourbon County regarding their recent experiences in Kansas Territory. Vansickle discussed the "Kansas trubels" [sic] and described the chaotic situation of the area, full of armed free state and proslavery men acting in the name of politics but stealing horses and robbing homes. He added that men were not safe at home, though he intended to stay in K.T. until forced out. Vansickle also referred to a coming March 9 election which would select delegated to the Leavenworth Constitutional Convention.

Keywords: Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; Elections; Leavenworth Constitutional Convention, March-April 1858; Militia; Skirmishing; Vansickle, John H.; Weather

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