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Letter, O. [Orville] C. Brown to Dear Sir [Mr. Edwards]
Authors: Brown, Orville Chester, 1811-1904
Date: April 10, 1856
Orville C. Brown wrote this letter from Osawatomie to Mr. Edwards, regarding a shipment of school books. He also wrote concerning a common school in the area that would begin classes in May, taught by a Mr. Martin. Brown also mentioned, rather briefly, the needs of the Osawatomie community, including such skilled workers as blacksmiths and carpenters.

Keywords: Books; Brown, Orville Chester, 1811-1904; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Schools; Skilled workers

Letter, Amos A. Lawrence to My dear Mrs. [Sara] Robinson
Authors: Lawrence, Amos Adams
Date: October 30, 1856
Amos A. Lawrence, writing from Boston, congratulated Sara Robinson, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, on her first book. Lawrence suggested that she write another Kansas work, as she had all the elements for a "free state" novel. He also requested that she have her husband, Dr. Charles Robinson, come to Boston the following Monday to discuss the Delaware Land Purchase and meet Charles Sumner, the famed Republican abolitionist senator from Massachusetts.

Keywords: Books; Boston, Massachusetts; Delaware Indian lands, Kansas Territory; Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894; Robinson, Sara T. L. (Sara Tappan Lawrence), 1827-1911; Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874

Letter, E. [Ephraim] Nute to Rev. E. E. [Edward Everett] Hale
Authors: Nute, Ephraim
Date: April 6, 1857
Rev. Ephraim Nute, minister of the Lawrence Unitarian Church, wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory to Edward Everett Hale, a member of the New England Emigrant Aid Company's Executive Committee. Nute included a list of books that he wished to add to his Unitarian church library. Nute commented on the difficulties experienced by those attempting to spread Christianity in Kansas. He also observed that immigration to Kansas was increasing.

Keywords: Books; Churches; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Entertainment; Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Libraries; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Nute, Ephraim; Reading; Relief; Religion

Circular, Information for Kanzas Immigrants, 1857
Authors: Webb, Thomas H. (Hopkins), 1801-1866
Date: 1857
Thomas Webb compiled this more comprehensive version of his earlier circulars by the same name. Containing much of the same information as the previous versions, such as details about the logistics of the trip to Kansas and subjects such as weather, farming, Indians, and employment, it features a large section that describes individual town settlements. This circular also addresses the proslavery and free state conflict, though in a nonpartisan manner, considering the interests of both groups.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Atchison, David Rice, 1807-1886; Books; Brown, John Carter; Circulars; Crops; Diseases; Education; Food; Guns; Land acquisition; Lawrence, Amos Adams, 1814-1886; Libraries; Merchandise; Merchants; Native Americans; New England Emigrant Aid Company; Newspapers; Religion; Thayer, Eli, 1819-1899; Town settlement; Transportation; Travel literature; Weapons (see also Guns); Weather; Webb, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkins), 1801-1866

Letter, Ivison & Phinney American Educational Publishing House to Rev. Isaac T. Goodnow
Authors: Ivison & Phinney, American Educational Publishing House
Date: October 20, 1859
This letter, written by Ivison & Phinney of the American Educational Publishing House on illustrated letterhead, confirmed that a shipment of textbook samples had been sent to Isaac Goodnow. The books were to be incorporated into Bluemont College's library; the publishing house hoped this promotion would lead to future textbook purchases by Goodnow.

Keywords: Bluemont Central College; Books; Business enterprises; Education; Ivison & Phinney, American Educational Publishing House

Report of the Territorial Superintendent of Common Schools, Kansas, 1859
Authors: Greer, Samuel W
Date: 1859
This report, compared with that from the preceding year, demonstrates the rapid evolution of the public school system in Kansas Territory. Samuel Greer, Territorial Superintendent, included information regarding his own efforts, teacher's institutions and qualifications, private and Indian schools, female seminaries, colleges and universities, school libraries, and recommended curricula and textbooks, among other topics. Greer's report also published the individual reports from each County Superintendent.

Keywords: American Indians (see also Native Americans); Books; Education; Greer, Samuel Wiley; Kansas Territory; Libraries; Schools; Superintendent of Public Instruction; Teachers; Universities and colleges; Women

Report, Robert Simerwell to the American Baptist Publication Society
Authors: Simerwell, Robert W.
Date: March 1, 1860 - April 1, 1860
Robert Simerwell, a missionary for the American Baptist Publication Society, made this report to the headquarters in Philadelphia. It includes a tally of the number of miles he traveled, the number of tracts and volumes he sold, and the number of families visited, along with other information about the religious lives of Kansas settlers. The bottom portion of the report contains a note from Simerwell to Rev. B. Griffith, dated April 2, 1860. In general, this report provides valuable information about the demand for religious supplies in Kansas Territory.

Keywords: American Baptist Publication Society; Auburn, Kansas Territory; Baptists; Books; Churches; Missionaries; Shawnee County, Kansas Territory; Simerwell, Robert W.

Letter, M. M. Campbell to Brethren of the Osawatomie B[ible] S[ociety]
Authors: Campbell, M. M.
Date: June 26, 1860
This letter, written by M. M. Campbell from Monrovia, Kansas Territory, requested information about the progress of colportage in the Osawatomie area, asking if they had divided the area into districts and appointed colporteurs to distribute religious materials to Kansas settlers. To encourage this, Campbell mentioned the great success of other colporteurs, such as Brother Blood from Manhattan, Kansas. He also encouraged the residents of Osawatomie to remain faithful to their duty as Christians, and to work for the furtherance of the kingdom. Campbell requested more detailed information about the local Bible Society.

Keywords: American Bible Society; Books; Manhattan, Kansas Territory; Missionaries; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Religion; Stanton, Kansas Territory

Quarterly Statement, Robert Simerwell, Missionary Coleporter
Authors: Simerwell, Robert W.
Date: September 1, 1860 - December 1, 1860
This quarterly statement was written by Robert Simerwell, a missionary with the American Baptist Publication Society. It contains the dollar amounts for the number of books on hand, his salary for one month, and the amount from book sales, among other items.

Keywords: American Baptist Publication Society; Baptists; Books; Freight and freightage; Missionaries; Simerwell, Robert W.

Report, Robert Simerwell to the American Baptist Publication Society
Authors: Simerwell, Robert W.
Date: October 1, 1860 - November 1, 1860
This report to the American Baptist Publication Society was written by Robert Simerwell, a missionary in Kansas Territory. It includes information about the number of families he visited, the number of miles he traveled, and the number of books he sold, as well as other pertinent information. The end of the report contains a note to Rev. B. Griffith that recounts his travels and his interactions with churches that were being formed in Kansas Territory.

Keywords: American Baptist Publication Society; Baptists; Books; Churches; Missionaries; Religion; Simerwell, Robert W.

Advertisement calendar produced of O. Wilmath Books and Stationery
Authors: Wilmarth, O.
Date: 1860
O. Wilmarth's business was located in the Eldridge House, Lawrence, Kansas Territory. This advertisement calendar for 1860 indicated that Wilmarth was a wholesale and retail dealer in books and stationery. He also sold newspapers, magazines, and periodicals as well as wall paper and window shades.

Keywords: Advertisements; Books; Business; Business enterprises; Commerce; Community life; Douglas County, Kansas Territory; Eldridge House; Lawrence, Kansas Territory; Retail businesses


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