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Letter, Chas. Blair to Capt.[?] [John] Brown
Authors: Blair, Charles
Date: August 27, 1857
Charles Blair once again wrote to John Brown regarding the spears, the production of which was on hold. Blair couldn't afford to proceed on his own account (even though he didn't expect much of a profit) and thought the situation in Kansas might have taken "such a turn" that the weapons might no longer be needed there.

Keywords: Blair, Charles; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Oliver; Collinsville, Connecticut; Free state cause; Kansas Territory; Weapons (see also Guns)

Letter, Chas. Blair to Mr. [John] Brown
Authors: Blair, Charles
Date: February 10, 1858
On February 10, 1858, Blair reported from Collinsville, Connecticut, on the status of the spear production; he had most of the material ready to assemble the entire lot, but "I do not feel quite willing to go on and spend any more money and then have them left on my hands." He seemed to be sincere in his efforts to work with John Brown on this, and Blair did "feel disposed to blame" Brown for the situation, Blair's generosity and commitment to the cause only went so far.

Keywords: Blair, Charles; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Collinsville, Connecticut; Free state cause; Weapons (see also Guns)

Letter, S. G. Hubbard to Capt. John Brown
Authors: Hubbard, S. G.
Date: March 21, 1859
From New Haven, Connecticut, Hubbard wrote to inform Brown that he still believed in Brown's sincerity and supported continued efforts for the cause but could not send much money at that time. Many of their friends in Connecticut had lost everything since 1857 and others "will not give anything whatever toward the spear contract."

Keywords: Blair, Charles; Border disputes and warfare - Free state perspective; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Doy, John; Free state support; Hubbard, S. G.; New Haven, Connecticut; Weapons (see also Guns)

John Brown pike
Authors: Collins and Company
Date: October 18, 1859
Pike used by slaves at the insurrection planned by John Brown at the U.S. arsenal in Harper's Ferry, Virginia, October 18, 1859. Armed with pikes and guns, Brown's army, primarily slaves, took hostages from the community and took over the arsenal. Brown's army was overwhelmed by U.S. troops led by Colonel Robert E. Lee. Brown was tried and hanged for treason on December 2, 1859.

Keywords: Blair, Charles; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Casualties; Collinsville, Connecticut; Courts; Free state cause; Harpers Ferry, Virginia; Objects; Osawatomie, Kansas Territory; Slavery; Swords and daggers; United States Government; Violence; Violent deaths; Weapons (see also Guns)

Letter, Oliver Brown to Dear Folks
Authors: Brown, Oliver
Date: May 16 [1857?]
From Colinsville, Hartford Co., Connecticut (most likely, May 16, 1857), Oliver Brown wrote to his family regarding his current employer, "Mr. [Charles] Blair," who had agreed to pay Oliver $200, plus room and board, for one year. "Mr. Blair is now at work making 1000 Kansas butter knifes for Father," wrote Oliver Brown. He mentioned the presence of Brown relatives in that area and the favorable "reputation of the family [Browns] in Kansas" reflected among the residents there.

Keywords: Antislavery movements; Blair, Charles; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Mary Ann Day, 1816-1884; Brown, Oliver; Collinsville, Connecticut; Hartford, Connecticut; Weapons (see also Guns)

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