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Letter, Lucy B. Armstrong to C. E. Mix
Authors: Armstrong, Lucy B.
Date: July 23, 1858
Lucy Armstrong, widow of John M. Armstrong, a Wyandot Nation leader, wrote to Charles E. Mix, Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Armstrong wrote that Commissioner Lawrence, in the service of Indian Affairs, had threatened that, because she was such a bother in the matter of obtaining her land entitlement, he would revenge himself to her. She countered to Mix that she had not been a bother, but was upset because the land finally granted her was in three separate pieces, one below the high water mark, and alluded to Mix that she thought Commissioner Lawrence was assigning these poor claims to the Indians in order to leave the better ones for themselves.

Keywords: Armstrong, Lucy B.; Indian Affairs, Commissioner of; Indian lands; Indian treaties; Mix, Charles E.; Munsee Indians; United States. Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Address to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Kansas
Authors: Armstrong, Lucy B.
Date: ca. 1859
This request, directed to the Kansas Territorial Legislature, asked that the act which incorporated the city of Wyandotte be amended. The solicitors of this request, widows with children, all of Indian decent, stated that the act had not been approved by the majority, and that it had passed the Legislature without their knowledge. The amendment they proposed would exclude their lands from the city of Wyandotte.

Keywords: Armstrong, Lucy B.; Indian lands; Kansas Territory. Legislature; Town companies; Wyandotte County, Kansas Territory; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory

Letter, unsigned [Lucy Armstrong] to Dear Gov. Roberts
Authors: Armstrong, Lucy B.
Date: April 20, 1859
Lucy Armstrong wrote to a Governor Roberts from "Linden", continuing a conversation that she had had with him in person two weeks before. Armstrong told him that the article of agreement brought to her by her brother-in-law, Silas Armstrong, led her to believe that the lands granted to her would not be whole, but separate from one another. She told him that she had not agreed to the separateness of hers, but that she would give a portion of it to the Wyandotte Town Company, of which Silas was President. However, it was later discovered that individual town shares could not be divided.

Keywords: Armstrong, Lucy B.; Armstrong, Silas; Indian lands; Indian treaties; Town companies; Town shares; Wyandotte, Kansas Territory

Signatures of Indian Widows requesting exclusion from Wyandotte
Authors: Armstrong, Lucy B.
Date: ca. 1859
This document, which carries the signature of Lucy Armstrong and other widowed Indians, supplements their request to the Kansas Territorial Legislature to amend the Act of Incorporation of Wyandotte city. The women wished to have their private lands excluded from the city, maintaining that they were not consulted about being included, their lands were remote, and the city taxes too high for them to pay.

Keywords: Armstrong, Lucy B.; Barnett, James; Barnett, Matthew; Beaver, John; Indian lands; Johnson, Sarah; Kansas Territory. Legislature; Punch, Margaret; Solomon, Mary; Town companies; Walker, Lydia; Williams, Charlotte

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