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Letter, L. Maria Child to Dear Mrs. [Mary] Brown
Authors: Child, Lydia Maria Francis , 1802-1880
Date: December 2, 1860
One year after the execution of John Brown, on December 2, 1860, Mrs. Child wrote the Brown's widow, Mary Brown, regarding the impact her husband's actions and commitment to the cause had had on the country and efforts for "emancipation." She also sent along "a trifle" to help support the Brown family financially.

Keywords: Abolitionists; Antislavery movements; Antislavery perspective; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Mary Ann Day, 1816-1884; Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880; Slavery

Letter, Oliver Brown to Dear Folks
Authors: Brown, Oliver
Date: May 16 [1857?]
From Colinsville, Hartford Co., Connecticut (most likely, May 16, 1857), Oliver Brown wrote to his family regarding his current employer, "Mr. [Charles] Blair," who had agreed to pay Oliver $200, plus room and board, for one year. "Mr. Blair is now at work making 1000 Kansas butter knifes for Father," wrote Oliver Brown. He mentioned the presence of Brown relatives in that area and the favorable "reputation of the family [Browns] in Kansas" reflected among the residents there.

Keywords: Antislavery movements; Blair, Charles; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Mary Ann Day, 1816-1884; Brown, Oliver; Collinsville, Connecticut; Hartford, Connecticut; Weapons (see also Guns)

Photograph, Owen Brown
Authors: No authors specified.
Owen Brown was one of John Brown's sons. He, along with his brothers John Jr., Jason, Frederick, and Salmon settled on Pottawatomie Creek near Osawatomie in Miami County, Kansas Territory, in February, 1855.

Keywords: Antislavery movements; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Brown, Owen; Lykins County, Kansas Territory (see also Miami County, Kansas); Miami County, Kansas (see also Lykins County, Kansas Territory); Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Salmon P. Chase
Authors: No authors specified.
Salmon P. Chase was the Governor of Ohio from 1855 to 1860. As an attorney, he defended fugitive slaves and was active in the antislavery and free soil movements. He later served as Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln. This image was taken later in his life.

Keywords: Antislavery movements; Cabinet photographs; Chase, Salmon P. (Salmon Portland), 1808-1873; Free Soil Party; Ohio; Photographs and Illustrations

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